Software Engineering

At GollyGood Software we deliver a full range of software engineering services in support of all software life cycle phases. From project conceptualization all the way through maintenance and deployment, we can assist you.

Systems Analysis

The foundation of software is a well communicated knowledge base and solid design. Our analysis deliverables are sure to set a project up for success.

  • Requirements and user story development
  • Software engineering process consultation
  • Maintenance and sustainability evaluation
  • Custom software consulting

Software Implementation

Over the years we worked with countless languages and frameworks. We learn new systems as needed and can even can help with your proprietary systems.

  • CMSs: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla!
  • Frameworks: Silex, Symfony, Ruby on Rails, Angular
  • Foundations: LAMP, jQuery, Android, Chef, Vagrant
  • Languages: C#, C++, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Bash

Delivery Logistics

Software is not done until it is delivered. We have years of experience deploying software and creating software tooling to assist teams with software build and deployment tasks.

  • General software release engineering
  • DevOps and systems automation software
  • Software package creation and management

Project Operations

Every project needs a good support system, and bridging the gaps between product owners, technical staff, and project management is one of our specialties.

  • Technical project leadership
  • Technical staffing needs consultation
  • Client-side technical representation
  • Version control systems adoption