Drupal Support

Initial setup and evaluation

We determine the maintainability of your site. Based on our evaluation you receive a analysis on your site’s codebase to determine if hacks have been made to its third party modules and core. We also analyze whether vendor modules are tied to a release and are supported. We'll even take a look over custom modules to check for coding standards and adhearence to the Drupal API.


*Includes up to 10 hours.

Essential Security Updates

Relax and let us take over the security updates for your Drupal site.

We'll maintain the security updates for your already-built Drupal site. We will keep Drupal core and contrib modules up to date with the latest security releases as they are issued. Feel relieved that your site is protected from known exploits.

6 months $2,400

12 months $4,000

Expanded Updates

In addition to applying all security updates, we will also apply upstream minor and point feature releases for all components.

This level of maintenance improves the general security stance of a site via preparedness to apply any future security update in the minimum amount of engineering time. This is typically required in high-security enterprise environments to comply with state, military, or industry regulations.

Data Migrations

Import data into versions of Drupal 7 or 8 from any system. Using our years of experience we’ll carefully marshall your data from any current system into Drupal. We understand there is only one type of successful migration and that is one that contains all the data expected. Take advantage of our experience and let us move your old content into your new site and know that every bit of your data will be safe.