At GollyGood Software we maintain a high level of quality in everything we do. In addition to professional service and predictable processes, our engineering deliverables will be produced at the highest possible level of quality.

What is Software Quality?

Most people are familiar with the concept of product and service quality to make decisions on a daily basis. Whether you are deciding what car to buy or where to eat dinner, the quality of the service or product will be a deciding factor. Making a decision about what software you use or which vendor develops your product is no different. In the software engineering industry, there are many appropriate standards that can be applied, and we are continuously researching and applying them to our work.

In general terms, software quality is divided into two fundamental areas:

  • Functional quality is concerned with whether or not the system does what it is expected to do. We spend time in this area defining requirements using user stories to help understand what should happen and writing code to implement these decisions. A piece of software with a high level of functional quality does what it is supposed to do without any questionable side effects. No product is delivered or launched without correct and expected functionality.
  • Structural quality reflects what the system should be. This aspect of the software creation process may not be as directly experienceable by the end-user; but, is still critically important. A software product with a high degree of structural quality will be able to gracefully accept changing requirements and continue to serve product owners and users many years to come without excessive cost of ownership.

GollyGood software engineers give time and attention to both of these areas in equal measure. We recognize that functional and structural defects can, both individually and collectively, render a software system nonfunctional, too expensive to operate, or simply unable to meet expectations. Our Promise: “If it isn’t quality software, we will not release it.” We care too much about your business and ours to sacrifice quality for any reason. Our software will meet or exceed our shared expectations. We will expend considerable effort to:

  • Set expectations and measures of quality.
  • Ensure the delivered work meets these shared expectations.
  • Avoid functional or structural defects.

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