Professionalism is one of the most highly regarded principles here at GollyGood Software and while our industry is still considered to be young, we feel that professionalism is something that should never be overlooked. With that, we ensure the work we do is always in line with the ACM Code of Ethics, thus keeping the work we do always secure, extensible, and maintainable.

As professionals we follow industry standard practices so that every possible step is taken to ensure that errors are limited, privacy is retained, and the product is not harmful. By following strict policies internally we are confident and proud to take ownership of our work. We do not shy away from third party review or critique nor are we afraid to give it. When a representative of GollyGood Software makes a professional recommendation, clients can rest easily to know that we genuinely have their best interest in mind and any decision made will always result in the best outcome possible with the given information.

We make sure that everything we do is executed with maximum transparency, which, allows our clients to make the best informed decision possible. For instance, if a project is ahead of schedule or taking a bit longer than expected, our clients are informed well in advance so that appropriate decisions can be made.

The software we create has clear information about who the owner is. Clients never have to worry about who owns the work as it is decided from the very beginning. If the work we do for a business is expected to be work for hire, we ensure that the work is licensed appropriately and may be altered or deployed as they see fit even if it’s not GollyGood Software doing the work.

When we release completed work there is always documentation and we’ll freely re-issue the documentation into the future. Included as part of the documentation will be deployment notes as well as user documentation and any information needed to understand how to maintain and use the delivered work.

With our experience in enterprise software we understand how crucial the work we do may be to a business. This understanding always makes us check and double check our work or more colloquially understood as “measure twice and cut once”. We take extra care with legacy data and any changes that could potentially be harmful to a client’s data. Before any irrevocable change happens we ensure deployment processes have been thoroughly tested and all data is backed-up appropriately.

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