The process of software development starts at a project’s inception. It includes everything from the discussion about what is to be accomplished all the way thru to the delivered product and into the maintenance of the product well into the future.

We use industry standards as appropriate guidelines to ensure the work we do is up to our clients expectations and is great enough for them to exclaim, “Golly! That’s good software”. With a solid processes we ensure there are no surprises about the deadline or invoice. Throughout the lifespan of a project our clients are always kept abreast of the project’s health and what features or tasks are being worked on and how far along the project is.

All work we do is managed in such a way that bug fixes can be deployed ahead of new features and we can always replicate a version of the live product. We also ensure new features never block other unrelated features. To accomplish this, every project is always in version control and using an appropriate revisioning scheme so it is always safe and may be restored to previous releases easily.

Onboarding users and developers after a deployment and long into the future is a breeze. We maintain user and technical documentation that will be provided upon delivery. The user documentation will explain, just as features were described to us, how you can use your deliverables to accomplish your goals. As part of the delivered documentation we maintain onboarding documents, deployment notes, and tools to ensure that it’s always possible to create a unified development environment.

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