About Us

GollyGood is a software engineering firm founded in Augusta, Georgia that is dedicated to the craft of producing the best software humanly possible. We collect requirements with the utmost care, use the best tools for the job, always regression test, and document according to best practices for each platform we work on.

As professionals, it is our sworn duty to provide expert analysis, quality work, and peerless council in all matters within our scope of practice. We are here to be a dependable partner and provide our clients with the comfort of knowing that: when we are on the job, they know all their options along with our professional judgement on what is best for their situation.

Many firms offer a giant buffet of services and attempt to be a single source solution for all your technology needs. However, here at GollyGood Software we recognize that our strength and calling is in conceiving, writing, and maintaining software solutions, and we will not dilute that mission to offer unrelated services. We are software engineers first, and business people second.

We know about software and that is what we do. If you need marketing or design work done we do know of plenty of other great places and we’d be more than happy to refer you to like minded craftsmen that focus on their specialty just a fervently as we do here at GollyGood Software.

Kelly Beck

Kelly Beck – Co-Founder

Kelly is a dedicated software engineer with experience delivering top quality solutions and analysis in multidisciplinary roles spanning the web development, application development, systems administration, and project leadership areas of responsibility in the software technology industry. Known as a tireless advocate for sound engineering principles, innovative solutions, quality analysis, and sustainable development practices.

Dedication to sustainable software engineering principles, adaptability to new technology, and perseverance to find a solution when given challenging technical and/or organizational problems is what sets him apart from the crowd.

Kelly holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Augusta University with emphasis on software engineering, systems engineering, artificial intelligence, and abstract mathematics. After graduation in 2005, Kelly began his software engineering career working with Drupal 4.5 for a local media company. Over the years, Kelly has been a developer and/or architect for a diverse range of Drupal implementations, integrated Drupal and other platforms with a variety of 3rd party software systems, developed software build tools, managed software deployment systems for Drupal and other LAMP-based enterprise platforms, lead software development teams, defined engineering process, and helped organizations grow in software engineering maturity.

Jonathan DeLaigle

Jonathan DeLaigle – Co-Founder

Jonathan is a passionate software engineer and technophile who has over 10 years of professional experience in software development, devops, GNU/Linux, and open-source. With a humble beginning in 2002 building GNU/Linux servers and hosting miniscule websites from his home, to building some of the biggest enterprise websites on the net, Jonathan has become an indispensable developer for any project. He brings to GollyGood Software a well stocked toolkit of programming languages, project processes, automation, frameworks, and experience that ensures a well executed project. His attraction to the development process, standards, and quality is sure to exceed client expectations.

Jonathan holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Augusta University with an emphasis in software engineering, distributed systems, abstract mathematics, and computer lanugages. Additionally, he holds a Certificate of Cyber Defense from Augusta University and an A.A.S. in Computer Programming from Augusta Technical College.

When he is not working or researching, Jonathan contributes to the open-source world via the Drupal community and various projects found on GitHub.